Friday Freewrite: No! and Yes!

Friday Freewrite: Yes and No

Today’s Friday Freewrite idea was shared on BraveSchoolers by Brave Writer mom, Amy:

Usually I let my kids choose their own topic but we did a very fun one I thought I would share. I asked them to make a list of questions that every answer would be “no!” to. They wanted to read them out loud and we all shouted “NO!” after each one.

“Do you want broccoli and kale for dinner?” “NO!”

“Do you want to go clean your room?” “NO”

The next day they ASKED to do “YES!” questions.

“Do you want a puppy?” “YES!”

“Should we skip school today and go to a water park” “YES!”

“Do you want some ice cream???” “YES!!!”

Just a few ideas…the kids loved it. I wrote my lists too. It was fun.

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Image by Gajus / Fotolia

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