Does Brave Writer Intimidate You?

Does Brave Writer Intimidate You?

by Stephanie Hoffmann Elms

I had The Writer’s Jungle for over a year or more and loved it but was frozen about implementing it. What helped me was taking The Writer’s Jungle Online (this was in the days before Jot it Down and the other stage of writing products). Seeing it implemented by the instructor made the light bulb go off.

Here is the thing…just start with One Thing. Pick something, anything.

Don’t feel like you have to have everything all worked out as far as how you think it will work. Brave Writer is more about giving you multiple tools and ideas to facilitate the process rather than telling you exactly how things should work.

And that is actually where the beauty and the magic lies. In the figuring it out. In the unfolding of both your understanding of your child and their relationship with writing.

Let go of feeling like you have to get it “right” and give yourself permission to discover things on the way.

Stephanie Elms has homeschooled her two boys for ten+ years and is a coach for Brave Writer’s The Homeschool Alliance. She blogs at Throwing Marshmallows.

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