Regret: what to do with it

Regret: What to do with it
It’s not possible to homeschool without regret.

One of my favorite homeschooling moms wrote to me a while ago. She’s been with Brave Writer since early 2000. Her kids have taken a slew of online classes, she owns our products, and she has graduated several of her kids. They are awesome, by the way. Quite a family!

Her email, then, came a bit as a surprise. “What do I do with regret?” she asked me. She said that although she is happy with many of her choices in home education, at this other end where most of her kids are adults, she is wiser and more aware of resources now. There are experiences her kids didn’t get when homeschooled. There are ideas that seem so bright, shiny, and fun now that she didn’t know to pursue then.

As much as she wants to just “let it go,” her imagination lingers on the feeling that she simply didn’t do enough for her kids when she had the chance. So what now?

I talked about this topic in the live broadcast below. We looked at regret—what to do about it while you are still homeschooling, and then what to do with the post-homeschool regrets that are sure to come to you too.

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