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“It is literally neurobiologically impossible to build memories, engage complex thoughts, or make meaningful decisions without emotion…Put succinctly, we only think about things we care about.”

“Even in academic subjects that are traditionally considered unemotional, such as physics, engineering, or math, deep understanding depends on making emotional connections between concepts.”

This month in The Homeschool Alliance, we are looking at the relationship of emotion to learning. Just how important is it to foster connection through joy, curiosity, caring, and connection? Apparently it is critical!

December will be a retrospective where we’ll look at the most popular discussions that we’ve had over the last two years, so that new people will have a chance to catch up and get the “juice” out of the Alliance.

In January, we’ll dive right in and talk about motivation, yours and your children’s. How do we stay motivated? What creates motivation? What is counter to it?

The Alliance is a fantastic way to grow as a home educator in all the ways you really care about—deeper engagement with learning, membership in a community of like-hearted home educators, and meaningful material to read. I also provide audio lectures and coaching for your homeschooling needs as you post your concerns and stories.

You can join for a year at only $15.00/month!

Want to know more? Let me introduce you to The Homeschool Alliance—the website, the monthly practices, and the philosophy.

In the following video I answer questions like:

  • What kind of coaching do you provide?
  • How much time will it take to participate?
  • Can I ask questions about my family specifically?
  • Do you, Julie, give personal feedback?

We cover it all!

Join The Homeschool Alliance!

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