With The Homeschool Sisters this Week

Brave Writer with The Homeschool Sisters

Fun week with The Homeschool Sisters! Cait and Kara:

Meet Kara and Caitlin, The Homeschool Sisters!

The Homeschool Sisters Kara

The Homeschool Sisters Cait

These two spunky, creative homeschooling moms have teamed up to provide companionship on the journey of home education. I would have obsessed over their podcast had it been around when I was homeschooling.

This week, I’m on their show! We had a great time talking about the following topics:

  • What it means to raise awesome adults
  • How to be one yourself
  • Reframing how we understand video gaming
  • The one best piece of advice I would give young homeschoolers
  • And each of us shared one current joy in our lives

Join us for a great conversation!

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