Blog Roundup: August 2016 Edition

Brave Writer Blog Roundup August 2016

Welcome to the latest blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle:

The Day I Abandoned My Workbooks… For Good by Rebecca, Hip Homeschooling

I was going crazy! I was losing my patience on a regular basis, fighting with my kids to do their school, and feeling at a complete loss. I was homeschooled growing up! I had a passion for this… why then did I feel like I was failing? Then one day, 4 years into my homeschool journey I discovered Brave Writer, and the lightbulb turned on…read more.

Jot It Down: A Supportive Interest-Driven Curriculum for Young Writers by Rebecca, Home | School | Life

Julie Bogart’s popular Brave Writer resources are favorites among homeschooling families. One enthusiastic mom told me, “Brave Writer is more than a curriculum; it’s also a guide to maximizing all of the joys and rewards that come with the homeschooling lifestyle”…read more.

The Unique Power of a Homeschool Parent: Innovation by Mary, Not Before 7

I am an educational innovator. I am on the cutting edge of bringing education into the 21st century. I am in the practice of creating new methods, ideas, and maybe even products.

And I am not the only one…read more.

A Review of Brave Writer’s Faltering Ownership by Alexandra, Life on Island

Faltering Ownership is a year-long language arts plan with 12 writing projects from Brave Writer. It is aimed for ages 11 to 12, but like all the Brave Writer programs, it varies depending on the skills and abilities of each child…read more.

Building Writers with Faltering Ownership by Eva, The Curriculum Choice

A couple years ago, I was struggling to find a language arts curriculum that was both engaging and complimentary to our homeschool philosophy. In my quest, I sampled a wide variety of curricula. When I discovered Brave Writer, I knew I had found what I had been looking for…read more.

Party School-Underground Railroad by Noelle, TripleSmiles

14 years ago…..yep 14, I was hired on a local public school with an amazing group of educators. We were one of a kind and we loved each other fearlessly. We worked hard together every day making sure every single child showed individual progress. We enjoyed planning fun and unique expiernces like non other that I had expierenced at any other school I had been a part of. During the Spring of that year our fearless team leader, Katie proposed an idea to take the kids on an interactive simulation through the Underground Railroad…read more.

If you haven’t already, enjoy the nine wonderful blog posts about the 2016 Brave Writer Retreat.

Check out Homeschooling without Training Wheels’ Poetry Teatime Starter Kit giveaway! She shares all kinds of teatime tips and resources in her post. Deadline is August 22nd.

We hope to share more roundups in the future! If you write about an aspect of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, let us know! Email your post’s url to Jeannette, our Social Media admin ( Thanks!

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