Be an Awesome Brave Writer Student!

How to be an awesome Brave Writer student by a Brave Writer student!

by Finlay Worrallo, Brave Writer student and intern

1. Remember the name: Brave Writer. Repeat that name to yourself whenever you feel disheartened. If you write, you are a writer, and anytime you share your thoughts for others to read, you are brave. So you are a brave writer!

2. Know you’re in safe hands. Brave Writer has been running for 15 years, has taught over 15,000 students, and their students do well in college and beyond. Brave Writer can be trusted to educate you!

3. Let Brave Writer mix with the rest of your life. For instance, discussing a film doesn’t have to suck all the enjoyment out of a good movie. If you simply view every film you watch with a slightly more analytic eye, you’ll get a bit more out of each one. Likewise, thinking a little more about each book you read and how well it’s written will improve your reading and writing skills without boring you. Home education is not like school. There isn’t a clear line between work and fun. And that’s great!

4. Don’t fear the unknown; jump into the assignments. Expect to enjoy yourself and widen your comfort zone. Brave Writer is all about helping young people to learn, to write, and to enjoy both. They’re on your side, so dive in!

5. Write what you want to write. For instance, in a Brave Writer class you can be yourself! You don’t have to conform to preconceived notions of what is or isn’t good writing.

6. Have fun! When you think about it, you’re being guided in creating entire worlds out of tiny letters scribbled onto a piece of paper. You’ve got about 500,000 words in the English language to play with, and even more if you make some up. So don’t take it too seriously!

Brave Writer student and intern Finlay Worrallo

Finlay Worrallo lives in Swaledale, a beautiful valley in Britain. He enjoys reading books, writing stories, and watching Doctor Who. He loves studying languages, especially Spanish. People are always telling him how tall he is, which he’s heard before, and how good he looks in hats, which he likes to hear. He plans to write novels, act in plays, and travel the world when he’s an adult.

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