Poetry Teatime: At Gram’s House

Poetry Teatime

Today is my birthday. I am sixty two years young. Four years ago when a health scare brought the fact of my mortality a little near to the beating of my heart, I found that, actually death is nothing to be afraid of. Living, now that’s another matter. To live well and enjoy the life we have is sometimes a struggle , but always a blessing.

I have more and more been trying to live in each moment, appreciating the beauty that is ever before me, whether it’s in nature or in the lives of the many people that make up my wonderful family.

Today, I have had numerous messages from family and friends, a few presents to enjoy and the company of children, grandchildren and a great grandchild as well as a friend who popped round with some stuff not realising it was my birthday and happily joined the celebration.

My favourite moments were this evening when we had “Poetry Tea Time” at Gram’s house. It was fabulous. The idea is: We bring to the table a teapot (full of tea), pretty cups, saucers, and tea plates, lots of homemade cakes (the making of which had already given hours of pleasure), crisps, and most important of all lots of poetry books. While we eat cake and drink tea we take turns to read (or if the child is too young to read, they might “tell”) poems that we have selected ourselves.

It is interesting how keen the children are to choose their own book and read poems they’ve chosen themselves. I was so proud of them all. And you all know what I think of sharing poetry together.

So much joy was had by all.

And at the end they all sang Happy Birthday to me.

From Grams Ramblings. Used with permission.

Poetry Teatime Launch!

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