Poetry Teatime: Dreamy

Poetry Teatime

Hi, Julie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful idea of poetry teatimes; we’ve been loving this new addition to our week. I run a family child care program as well as homeschooling my 6-year-old daughter. This year, I dropped down to only 3 kids enrolled on Mondays, so we can all fit into my car. We’ve been going hiking those mornings, coming home for nap, and getting up to have poetry teatime. What a dreamy day!

Here’s a photo from yesterday’s teatime. I don’t usually crowd the table so much, but my daughter wanted to prominently display all the (slightly burned) popovers, because “you bake the best things, mama!” She is making her “proper British face” to go with the tea, while 2-year-old Josie wonders what the heck she’s doing.

Another favorite part of the photo: “The Big Golden Book of Little Verses,” a vintage copy which I gave her as a Christmas gift after we saw a Mary Blair exhibit at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. She was thrilled with it. Like the baking, it’s all tied to warm, connected memories.

🙂 Lise

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