The Scourge of Perfectionism plus a FREE transcript!

The Scourge of Perfectionism

My son is a perfectionist. He won’t write because he’s afraid of misspelling a word.

My daughter refuses to work on math problems because if she gets one wrong, she falls apart.

I know I shouldn’t worry so much, but if I get behind, I feel really bad about my homeschool.

I can’t think straight if the house is a mess. The house is always a mess.
Hence, I am depressed and feel like a failure.

Perfectionism is the “ism” that leads us to the end of ourselves. We believe, falsely, that there is some way to mitigate problems, disappointments, mistakes, failures, and interruptions. We imagine that others are successful where we are not and then berate ourselves. Perfectionism is the ultimate “outside-in” perspective where we measure what we do against what we imagine everyone else expects us to do.

How can we dismantle this ticking time bomb before it goes off in our homes? Watch the recorded broadcast below and find out!

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