“She flew with it”

Wacky Revision Tactics

Brave Writer mom, Jane, writes:

This is my daughter, Megan’s, writing. She is 14. She wasn’t super enthusiastic, but once she employed the revision technique that you recommended of lying, she grabbed it and flew with it…literally.

Here it is.

Ordinary part of my day

So an ordinary thing I do everyday is doodle, or draw something. I try and draw something everyday because I can get very un-motivated. Sometimes I will not draw for weeks because of lack of motivation. So just doing a small doodle helps me keep motivated, even when I don’t really feel like drawing that day. Sometimes, I just have one drawing that I will keep adding to until I feel like it’s completed.

Megan employed the revision technique of lying. =)

Wacky part of my day

So a wacky thing I do like, every billion years is ride dinosaurs, or become one. I try and ride a dinosaur every billion years or so because I can get very motivated to do so. Sometimes I will become a dinosaur for like, a hundred years, but as soon as the ice-age comes, I turn back to a human (if I’m a dinosaur). If not, I’ll get off the dinosaur I’m riding and jump into my spaceship, that magically appears exactly when I need it, and fly into the galaxy searching for more dinosaur inhabited planets. If I can’t find a planet inhabited by dinosaurs, I’ll go look for the next best thing, which is a dragon inhabited planet.

That is just a blast!! What a creative rewrite! I am enchanted!! -Julie

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