Allow ideas to percolate

Allow ideas to percolate

Shared on the Bravescopes Facebook Group:

Allow the ideas I share to percolate. You don’t have to do anything with them. Over time, they will sort themselves out into “helps me” and “doesn’t help me.” You will discover which ones apply to your life right now and which can be saved for another day.

Your insight will deepen through observation, keeping track of your own process through narration (written and oral).

We do this work over at the Homeschool Alliance with a lot more depth, but you can start of course right here, right on your own. The danger is to assume that hearing a scope means you must ACT right now! You don’t have to do anything! Trust that what you’ve heard is already at work in you, reshaping your imagination first. That’s where vision starts—in the imagination.

Vision starts in the imagination.

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Then allow it to percolate and evolve. When you feel the urge to apply something (to test the waters), follow the urge. See where it leads. Reflect on how it felt (not what it meant).

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Okay? Try not to add MORE stress to your life by listing a set of to do’s that feel like handcuffs and weights. That’s not at all helpful to homeschool or to your vitality as an adult!


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