Blog Roundup: November 2015 Edition

Brave Writer Blog Roundup November 2015

Yeehaw! Welcome to the latest blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle:

Year 7, Day 1 by Amy, Hope is the Word

During tea time I suggested a little month-long Brave Writer project in which we will all collect words and phrases we read that capture our imaginations and gather them in a basket. I didn’t reveal to the girls what we’ll do with these later, but the whole notion was well-received…read more.

Brave Writing by Mary, Not Before 7

Beautiful example of working through Brave Writer principles!…read more.

Homeschooling Around a Campfire by Erin, Homeschool Mentor Mom

Whoever said “school” needs to happen sitting at a desk or table….or even during the daytime hours?? We had one of my favorite homeschooling days ever last night! It didn’t even start until after dinner, but we went strong til well after 11:00…read more.

Homeschooling Translated by Angela, Nurtured Roots

Ever feel like you aren’t doing enough in your homeschooling? Maybe it’s outside pressure or your own internal dialogue, but often we doubt that what we are doing with and for our children is enough. I know I do, until I slow down and examine just how naturally full of learning our days really are…read more.

A Gracious Space: Spring review by Alexandra, Life on a Canadian Island

Julie Bogart continues to inspire and deliver practical advice. I personally continue to enjoy the daily entries, reading one each day with my breakfast. It’s a great way to start my homeschool day. …read more.

We hope to share more roundups in the future! If you write about an aspect of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, let us know! Email your post’s url to Jeannette, our Social Media admin ( Thanks!

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