Prepare Thyself

10 ways to prepare for the new holiday homeschool rhythm

The holidays are on their way. Halloween has barely returned to its grave when Christmas future haunted my in-box! Black Friday sales are already in promotion, pictures of gift items have snow flakes and garlands around them.

The tendency is to brace oneself for the coming onslaught of spending, relatives, too much food, and the pressure to make “perfect memories for the children.”


Appreciate the good you’ve already got going.

Traditions matter, but they also snowball if you let them! Pick the 3-5 that are especially important. Do those. Other “experiences” from previous years can be rotated out this season or delegated to another family member.

Prepare for the holidays in your homeschool

Homeschool can include some of these practices:

1. It’s great to bake and learn to write recipes.

2. It’s lovely to spend a day raking leaves and hanging lights.

3. Gift lists are ideal for handwriting practice.

4. Poetry Teatimes can include holiday songs.

5. Take advantage of shopping and sales to make math more practical and applicable to daily life.

6. A little world (aka geography, history!) tour for holiday traditions from other parts of the globe can add new interest to tired local customs too.

7. Calculations about the possible speeds and distances Santa must travel are great exercises in logic for the un-believing.

8. Create a family tree so that your kids know who is sending what cards and gifts and how they are related.

9. Build in family movie night so you can watch a time-honored holiday film together.

10. Hike! Tis the season! Get out in nature while it is still crisp, clear, and colorful.

The rhythm of homeschool changes around the holidays—use that to your advantage. January, with all its academic promise, is right around the corner. Give in to the holiday enthusiasm and bend it to your homeschool will. Prepare thyself for a lovely season of learning and joy.

The rhythm of homeschool changes around the holidays—use that to your advantage.

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