Woo-hoo! The 2015/16 winter class schedule is here!

Brave Writer online class schedule for winter 2015-16

Winter Writing Class Schedule
is now posted!

What makes Brave Writer’s online classes special?

  • Your kids will be writing in the company of other young writers!
  • Feedback is not only about “accuracy,” but writing voice–finding and fostering the child’s natural self-expression while expanding it and enhancing it!
  • Our classes are a deep-dive for 3-6 weeks, and then you all get to take a good long break before writing again.
  • Instruction is directed to parents, not just kids! We want to help you be the effective writing coach and ally your kids need, and the sort you want to become!
  • You can sign in any time of day from anywhere in the world and not miss a lick of class! All instruction is asynchronous while taught by a real instructor.
  • Our teaching staff are published writers and home educators–they know the dynamics of teaching their own kids to write, which is one reason they are so helpful!

So mark your calendars! You’ll want to sign up early to secure your space. Our classes for fall have been filling up in advance!

Registration OPENS on MONDAY December 7, at Noon EST


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