Don’t forget to eat!

Eat first with text

Have you eaten anything yet today? Don’t forget to feed yourself. Pick color foods (green avocado, red tomato, yellow banana) or ripe ones (crisp apple, smooth skin orange). Nuts and seeds are a good snack. Get energy into your day through food—real foods, not junk, not snacks.

I remember reading great marriage advice: If you feel like yelling at your spouse, eat a turkey sandwich first. You’ll feel much better and can reframe what you want to say from a more grounded-centered space if you eat first.

Apply this to your homeschool the next time you start to lose your cool. When nerves feel frayed and you’re ready to “freak out” or show irritation, eat some protein, make a snack, pause to slurp some yogurt. Give yourself a time out and feed yourself until your taste buds snap with pleasure and your tummy is satisfied with nourishment. Then revisit what’s upsetting from that more balanced place.

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