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10 Brave Writer Reviews

Want to know how other homeschoolers implement the Brave Writer Lifestyle and use our products in their homes? Then check out these TEN reviews!

Fifth Grade Creative Writing: Brave Writer Review by Selena, Look We’re Learning

Creative writing is one of the most difficult subjects I’ve ever had to teach in our homeschool. I was an English major in college and I love the writing process, but letting go of what English “should” sound and look like has been a real issue for me personally, so it’s hard for me to teach my kids to write freely.

Teaching Writing with Brave Writer by Tonia, The Sunny Patch

Brave Writer is more than just a set of systematic lesson plans for teaching writing. It’s really a lifestyle – including so much more than just writing assignments. When you use the full program you’ll find art study, Shakespeare, poetry, literary discussions, and so much more.

Cultivating The Love Of Writing in Young Children by Marlene, A Diligent Heart

I favor a lot of structure, but this program is in no way like that, and after reading through it like three times before starting it with my kiddo – I’m so thankful for that. Because through it, with what I’ve learned as a parent, I know I’m going to build a wonderful writing foundation in my first grader.

Homeschool Writing With Brave Writer by Heidi, Starts at Eight

One of our favorite activities to do as part of our language arts with Brave Writer is the Poetry Teatimes. With my older children I did not incorporate poetry as much as I would have liked to. This once a week time with my daughter not only allows us to have some special one on one time, but it affords us time to read poetry and talk about the components of what we have read.

Writing is a Lifestyle with Brave Writer by Cait, My Little Poppies

I want my children to love writing. I want them to find their voice and to share it. I do not ever want for them to cringe when they see a pen and paper.

Learning to Love to Write by Alicia, Investing Love

Writing is a difficult area to teach because you want your child to be creative, you want them to write down those fabulous stories you hear them telling each other, but you also want them to be learning to write properly–not just creatively, but structurally correct too. So that means we need to be able to show them how to spew out their creativity in complete sentences with good structure, correct grammar, and spell things correctly. That’s a lot for a kid to handle! No wonder so many kids don’t like to write.

The Key to Enjoying Writing (and many other subjects) in Your Homeschool by Mackenzie, BOLDturquoise

Brave Writer, How I Love Thee! Let Me Count the Ways…

A Guide for Teaching Writing by Amy, Are We There Yet?

Writing is the hardest subject for me to teach. I had no problem writing when I was in school, but struggled with how to pass along those skills to my kids. I had a MAJOR light bulb moment while reading The Writer’s Jungle (the how-to guide for parents).

A Writing Program That Works for Us! by Jen, Forever For Always…no matter what

We just want our child to write a couple of sentences to a pen pal without us both dissolving into tears. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Transform Reluctant Writers with Brave Writer by Krista, Far From Normal

The brave writer lifestyle encourages intentional learning through all types of creative endeavors. It also looks for routine over schedule. Not needing to get certain things done at certain times but regularly working and building skills.

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