So much more than writing

So much more than writing

Dearest Julie,

Just a quick note to tell you what a treasure you are in “homeschool world.” You/Brave Writer are about so much more than writing. You are about LIFE, about DREAMS!

As a homeschool veteran of 23 years, I learn from you every time you send out a post. This article encouraged me so much to just BREATHE, to know it is going to be OK. You and your materials are so real-life focused, not just another tool in the homeschool belt.

I have had 4 of my 6 children take various classes with Brave Writer over the years and they were marvelous. My oldest son, 27, still talks about how he found out he had more to say than he realized taking one of the classes (one of my quiet ones, haha.) He went through a period of great stress in his late teens and writing became an outlet for him to decompress.

My 17yo, whom I called you about last year, took your Movies class. Though he didn’t really write much, he seemed to have found his “voice” (another quiet guy) and really opened up more with his own opinions. When I picked him up from class today (he is in a specialized school for 11th and 12th graders and is learning welding) he was so excited about an essay contest that is open to the welding students! He has never been excited about writing! His teacher said that no one from her class has ever entered an essay. He said (with much confidence), “I can write a 500 word essay, Mom. Can I do it?” I am thrilled! The prize is $250, and the topic is “How welding has/will affect my life or someone else’s.” Go figure.

Anyway, thank you, you are a gem. Looking forward to more classes in the future as my youngest is 10. Winking smile.

Have a blessed week!


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