Friday Freewrite: Leaf it to me

Friday Freewrite

When describing scenes, people, or settings, give your readers enough detail to set them on the track you want, but let them use their imaginations to fill in the rest.

It may be important for the reader to know that the old oak tree had creases like crumpled paper in its bark, but ask yourself, how much more do they need to know?

Too many details can become overwhelming. Use vivid language to set the scene, and you will achieve a stronger reaction than if you had described every leaf on the tree.

Now pick an object and describe it both ways. First, give so many details it will make your reader’s eyes bleed. Next, choose one or two of the best details and describe the object in a way that sparks your reader’s own mental picture of it without wearing them out!

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Image by Deb Hultgren (cc cropped, flipped, text added)

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