Friday Freewrite: Feelings!

Friday Freewrite: Feelings


I am a Brave Writing Momma of two school aged boys (5th and 2nd grade). This year we have happened to fall into a new Friday Freewrite pattern that I thought you’d like to know about. Friday Feelings! This idea was based on your email suggestion to write about fear. I just told the boys to write about fear, what makes you afraid, what fear feels like, whatever direction they wanted to take it in.

The following week we discussed the opposite of fear. After brainstorming we decided as a group that we would write about confidence. It was interesting to hear our different voices come through. My second grader wrote two sentences and drew a picture, my fifth grader wrote about three quarters of a page, and I poured my soul out in my journal and fear of failing as a homeschooling momma!

We are currently read The Lemonade Wars (and doing The Arrow study along with it) and loving the rich emotional tension in the novel. Today we brainstormed a list of emotions that we observed in The Lemonade Wars. I am planning to use this list as our Friday Feelings Writing springboard.

This isn’t a revolutionary idea but I thought you’d like to see how naturally the various aspects of the Brave Writer Lifestyle came together for us!

Thanks Julie for making the days more fun for us all!


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