Capturing their words

A recipe for loving language

Hi Julie,

After we spoke yesterday, I hurried to the kitchen and grabbed a dog-eared recipe box; it’s the container for one of my most prized possessions. Inside the box are dozens of index cards. Each card is written with the beautiful words spoken by my two sons during the first six years of their lives. This box is a powerful portal into a time when their words were filled with awe and wonder. With the box in hand, I quickly ushered my youngest son to the couch. Together we opened the lid and began our journey.

As my son and I laughed at the silly and candid phrases that he had spoken, I began to realize that somewhere along the way I had lost the joy of my sons’ words. Now at ages 12 and 13, I’m usually telling my boys to be quiet and stop talking so I can think! Does it seem odd in this digital era to capture the words of my children on paper cards?

A recipe for loving language

Well, I will forever treasure the holding of these cards and eagerly passing them between us as we sat reading. Hopefully, the cards will inspire a new sense of wonder in their more grown up voices. 🙂

Thanks again for our talk.


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