Poetry Teatime: Breakfast tea

Poetry Teatime

We started our first school day of 2015 with a breakfast tea. Honestly, it all came together wonderfully at the last minute. I had other plans originally but I am so thankful that poetry is the way we began our school year. On Sundays my husband makes coffee cake for breakfast. So, I put coffee cake on a pretty platter, eggs on a platter, I whipped up some homemade whipped cream, and cut strawberries. These were all items I had around the house! I already had the fresh flowers on the table. They are from my garden. I pulled out a tablecloth and fancy china. We were all out of tea so I used orange juice instead.

Poetry Teatime

I feel like modifying is one of my strengths with 6 kids between the ages of 3 and 12. I pulled out a lot of poetry books that and set them at the end of the table. Each child took turns picking a poem and reading it aloud. My 5 year old isn’t reading but she still picked out a poem and one of her siblings read it for her. Even my 3 year old got up with a book and pretended to read from it. She probably received the most applause. It was such a perfect way to begin our new school year and I am confident my kids will remember it. This week we are going to do a baseball themed poetry dinner and daddy will be included.

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