Poetry Teatime: The cat joined in, too

Poetry Teatime

Thanks so much for inspiring us to tea time! Here are the kids at our first. They chose a theme and read poems about cats while one of ours joined in.

We were eating Peppridge Farm cookies, which I had carefully hidden in the pantry. I knew homemade was not going to happen and these were a great treat. In the pot – hot chocolate.

John, 9, read The Owl and the Pussycat. Hannah, 11, read The Cats Have Come to Tea by Kate Greenway. I have had a lot of fun keeping my eyes open for poetry books with illustrations at used bookstores and library sales, and they opened one called Curious Cats in Art and Poetry.

I read a poem about fairies and then went on with our read aloud. I didn’t really think the kids were that enthralled at the time, but later comments about how much they loved the teatime really encouraged me to keep this up. It was a lovely break from more traditional activities. The animals loved it, too!

My husband has sweet childhood memories of reading poetry as a family at holidays, so I hope the kids will enthusiastically participate this Christmas.


Poetry Teatime Launch!

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