Poetry Teatime: Smashing success

Poetry Teatime with Boys

Over the last year I have been incorporating the Brave Writer Lifestyle into not only our writing, but our home. The one thing I could not get on board with was Poetry Tea Time. I have two VERY busy little boys and the idea of having formal tea just seemed absurd to me. I just KNEW that the boys would not be interested. I also KNEW that Julie Bogart must be a little crazy for even suggesting it! Sorry Julie!

Fast forward a year and I am still loving Brave Writer and then I stumble across the Read Aloud Revival. The girls over there LOVE Poetry Tea Time! I caught the enthusiasm and decided to try it out for myself, fully expecting it to flop. Remember, I have two busy boys. I just can’t imagine them sitting nicely around a table enjoying tea and cookies while reading beautiful poetry. No way. But, I’ll try nearly anything once, so we gave it a shot.

I was blown away. Those antsy little boys loved every minute of it. They ate up not only the cookies, but the tea, the fancy tea service, the poetry. They ate it all up in one big gulp and then asked for more. It was a smashing success.

So, Julie, I’m sorry for ever doubting you! Thank you!!


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