Brave Writer Retreat 2016!

Be Good to You Retreat

Mark your calendars!

Announcing the second Brave Writer Retreat

July 13-15, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio

More details to come!

But we guarantee it’s going to be awesome so save the date!

In the meantime, enjoy these recaps of the 2014 Retreat:

Jean writes: “Have you taken a road trip by yourself as a Mama? I always cry. I’ve gone away by myself almost every year or every other since my oldest two were maybe 3 and 4 – so that’s 20 years of leaving my family at home and venturing off by myself! Even if just for a day or two, even if it’s to a homeschooling workshop, it always helps me to gain some perspective”…read more.

From Grace: “It’s been a couple of weeks since the Brave Writer retreat. The initial ‘rock concert high’ is wearing off a bit, and I’m pondering some of the things I learned. Quite a few friends expressed interest in my experience, so I thought I would try to put my thoughts down on paper. Most were wondering, ‘What exactly IS Brave Writer?’ So, is it a curriculum? Is it a book? Is it a class? Is it a philosophy? Well, yes”…read more.

Hive Mind Queen Bee shares: “I attended the Bravewriter retreat in Ohio. I’ve not been to any gathering of homeschoolers like it before, so it was definitely an experience. I imagine it had a very unique and different feel than a typical convention. There were only, maybe, 70 odd people there. It was set in a very beautiful location, hosted by the St Mary’s convent, Bethany k-8 school. It was a cozy, home like environment for sure. Julie made it even better with the homemade brownies. When she talks about treats and tea, she means it….brownies, tea and teapots abound!!!…read more.

UPDATE: The 2016 Retreat info is NOW AVAILABLE!

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