Poetry Teatime: Redwall Celebration

Redwall Poetry Teatime

I have 2 boys. One just turned 9 and the other just turned 11. I taught public school for 9 years and it has taken me a while to really go “all in” with The Brave Writer Lifestyle. This summer I decided to read Redwall to the boys. We all loved it!

We did the Brave Writer Arrow to go with Redwall. Each boy is writing his own backyard adventure story and we are working on making a little village to go with their stories. For Science we are studying Animals and the boys have to include some of their knowledge of local animals in their stories.

We just finished the book and to celebrate with a Redwall supper and then a poetry tea. We got out a Redwall cookbook and the boys made recipes from it as well as some of our own creations. We adjusted the names of the foods to reflect our favorite characters.

Redwall supper menu

We enjoyed sharing poetry and I slipped in a little review of onomatopoeia, personification and alliteration.

Next book… Mossflower!


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