Amazing Globe Theatre model!

Amazing Globe Theatre model!

Amazing Globe Theatre model!

The fantastic Globe Theatre model above was created by the Yuasa family during a past Shakespeare Workshop. Such attention to detail! We’re blown away by the creativity of our Brave Writer families!

Susanne Barrett, instructor of the class, writes:

Also, another student in this class did his project very creatively…by building the interiors of the Globe on Minecraft!

My boys took a shortcut when they did their model several years ago…they brought me a heap of smoldering ashes from the fireplace and reminded me that the Globe burned down in 1613. [ha!]

We love Shakespeare here at Brave Writer! In fact, our Literary Analysis: Shakespeare (Twelfth Night) Class started Monday.  It runs for 4 weeks (May 18 – June 12, 2015) and is geared toward high school students. From the description page:

May is Shakespeare Month here at Brave Writer, and we continue to follow our tradition of offering the study of a different aspect of Shakespeare’s work each spring. In the past, we have studied Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Soliloquies as well as the plays Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Macbeth, Merchant of Venice, and Romeo & Juliet. This spring we will be delving into the world of the Shakespearean romantic comedy with an up-close-and-personal study of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Students who have previously taken our Literary Analysis courses of Shakespeare’s plays will find much new and interesting in this course centered on the hilarious romantic love triangle among Duke Orsino, Lady Olivia, and Viola (who is disguised as Orsino’s page, Cesario). Throw in a shipwreck, look-alike twins, a madcap trick on Olivia’s stodgy butler, and memorable characters, and we’ll have tons of fun this spring!

The Literary Analysis for Twelfth Night class is almost full, but Susanne says we could squeeze in one or two more. The first week is a look at Shakespeare’s life, times, and language, so it’s easy to catch up.

Also, check out our Shakespeare Family Workshop!

Brave Writer Online Writing Class Shakespeare Family Workshop The Shakespeare Family Workshop is aimed at a younger audience. This hands-on five week workshop is great for all kinds of learners. The workshop provides a multi-sensory approach to the study of Shakespeare and his works. A few informal writing assignments will be provided for families to do together or separately.

Images © Yuasa family (used with permission)

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