Poetry Teatime: Wonderful Memory

Poetry Teatime

We finally did our first Poetry Tea Time! Well, we actually did one at our neighbor’s house a few weeks ago, and my kids LOVED it! But it still took that long for me to just go for it…

We had cookies my daughter baked over the weekend, and milk, read some poems and a few chapters from our current read aloud. It was simple, fun, and peaceful (well, except for my overly-hyper almost 7 year old son who just can’t possibly be calm for 5 minutes!)….but they can’t wait to do it again, and have asked that we just start every day like that….sitting around the table, enjoying breakfast and some read aloud time.

I will still try to keep “Poetry Tea Times” special, but definitely want to get back to reading around the table while enjoying yummy food….not only is it a wonderful memory for them, but it keeps my boy quiet….or at least muffled…while he’s eating. LOL


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