Poetry Teatime: A Snowy Time!

Poetry Teatime

Hi Julie (and staff!),

First, I want to say thanks for being such an inspiration to everyone. You are helping me find my way in homeschooling and parenting. We thoroughly enjoy our teatimes, especially during the winter months. But, I will admit, they don’t often include poetry.

This particular tea time did. We finally got a “warm” day during this snowy month of February and decided to take teatime outside to get some fresh air. We spent the time sipping tea and letting our surroundings inspire us to come up with our own poetry.

Here is the one from my 7 year old daughter:

I Forgot

I forgot when I went out one winter day
I brought my bathing suit and shorts
Then I said, brr it’s cold for a summer day

Then I looked around and said “what’s that?’
Then I remembered it was a winter day.

I forgot you can’t really run in deep, deep snow
Or you’ll trip and fall you know.
I forgot that too.
Then I remembered when I fell flat on my face

And my 5 year old son came up with:

Snow falls down and around into a blanket of white.
It may be a little bit slippery, but that’s all right.
Everything sleeps in the blanket of white.


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Poetry Teatime

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