Friday Freewrite: Dogs and cats (and llamas!!)


This writing prompt was originally going to focus only on our canine and feline friends, but in light of the “llama  drama” yesterday…

Imagine that the dogs (and the llamas!!) are upset because they can’t roam as freely as many cats can.

For instance, the law in Ohio states that dogs must be “physically confined or restrained or properly leashed and controlled by a person, except in cases where the dog is hunting with its owner or keeper.”

But, it’s not always the same for cats (see section II. D.)

Now imagine you’re a dog (or a llama!!) and write down the arguments you might use to show that you deserve the same freedom as cats.

Then imagine you’re a cat and share reasons why it’s purrfectly fine to have different laws for cats and dogs (and llamas!!).

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Images by Dave Fayram, KamrenB Photography, Jeff Turner (cc cropped, tinted)

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