A wealth of wisdom and experience


Brave Writer mom Amy writes:

The Homeschool Alliance has provided a wonderful safety net for this new-to-homeschooling family. Making the leap to homeschooling was nerve-wracking for me, especially without a strong homeschool community in my area. This community has offered such a wealth of wisdom and experience that I’ve had the support to navigate some of the twists and bumps of the first months of homeschooling.

Julie is an active presence within the HSA, providing a constant stream of wisdom and perspective. I’ve copied bits and pieces of what’s been shared in the HSA onto post-it notes that dot the insides of my kitchen cabinets, keeping me centered and goal-oriented.

I’ve both expanded and refined my own home education philosophy and priorities through the Master Class in Learning. The Just One Thing thread provides me the accountability and inspiration to keep homeschooling interesting.

I’d enthusiastically recommend the HSA to all new home educators.


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