“Fine tuning my philosophy of homeschooling”


The Homeschool Alliance and Julie have been a great resource for fine tuning my philosophy of homeschooling and parenting. Often I’ve found myself lost in the logistics of schedules, lesson planning, and curricula purchases that I have almost lost the original intent. These past two and half months I’ve been able to really focus on the essentials of learning as a family, and finding a more organic rhythm that has nothing to do with a curricula publisher’s arbitrary schedule.

“What Bravewriter has done to give freedom to language arts, the Homeschool Alliance has for all of family life. I love that it is not set up in a forum format. I can just simply read and reflect, or interact with other members as much as I like. After spending time on the site, I feel as though I’ve accomplished a task rather than simply lost track of time.”


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