Harry Potter kick


Hi Julie,

My kids are on a big Harry Potter kick. My 9 year old daughter has written several Daily Prophets for our reading pleasure, including tidbits such as:

Self Stir
The cauldron shop is now selling self stirring
cauldrons as well as pure gold silver and patterned that
sing and warn you if your potion is poisonous

Don’t trip grip
shoes that tie themselves don’t let you
trip and hurry you up. Even come fancy

Pop wiz fly
the new candies make you puke bleed sing fly wiz and more
hats that make your head disappear and portable swamps
all for sale now.

Hogwarts Express
Parents are to be reminded to send children to platform
9 and 3/4 by leaning not running unless very careful

Professor Rich tried again to find a way to stop the
crusio curse and is again in Saint Mungos for serious
injuries. more on page A2

The Daily Prophets were entirely my daughter’s own idea. How or where she got the tabloid format, I have no idea.

My more mathematically inclined son drew maps of Portkey sites, coded and numbered. Then wrote lists and lists of times of departures and arrivals like a bus schedule! It’s interesting to see where both kids take an idea on their own. They have played magic school, practiced their spells, written letters (delivered by owl stuffies), read every book, watched every movie etc etc.

What I find even more magical is that they are 9 and 11 years old and can still play this imaginatively and this seriously with an idea. Talk about being hooked. I want to read them the Narnia series but don’t dare start it until this one runs its course.

I have to leave you with one more bit of delightfulness. Attached is a picture of our Mandrake (I couldn’t resist when I saw the pattern on Ravelry – you have to have props after all) reading his newspaper (invented jointly by both giggling children as a surprise for me one morning). The featured headlines are:

Mr. Howard A. Mandrake insulted by wizards

Raspberries growing well

Screams for charity go well

Sandspit Roots beat the Leaves 3 to 2 in soccer

Mandrake dollar down 0.32 cents
to fall at $0.972 Elven dollars

Human farms doing well Over 7000 humans cultivated

Young Mandrake needed for Military!

Plants for sale
red tag days start at 1.99 per plant!

Mrs. Elizabeth had a baby!

Root dollies now carved

Kind regards, Linda

Image (cc)

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