Take advantage of fall

Walk in the forest. Autumn.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, fall is about to be underway. Energy for activity and education surge in the fall. It’s the “back to school,” “new books” syndrome where the re-enchantment of education is awakened.

Take full advantage of this moment. I liked to plan my most ambitious projects for fall—the report, the scaled model of a fortress, field trips, the brand new curricula that requires me to read the notes and learn the system, the long read aloud novel.

Fall energy isn’t just found in you. Your kids have it too. Summer’s heat is behind you and fresh air and bright skies are inviting. Take some of your schooling out of doors. Have picnics, go to parks for recreation, take walks in the woods or on the beach, go hiking in search of birds or to identify trees. Reward hard work with outdoor activity—even kicking a soccer ball in the backyard every day is a great way to keep the energy going in fall.

In our neighborhood, bonfires are popular and a great way to have family time in a fall evening. Memorized poetry can be shared around a bonfire, or someone might play a guitar and sing alongs can be encouraged. Perhaps teach your kids American folk songs like “O Susanna” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”

Candle-dipping, pumpkin carving, star-gazing—all awesome in the fall.

Cross-posted on facebook. Image by Philippe Put (cc text added)

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