Sonnet of the Seasons

All four seasons - Outside my window


While cleaning out folders and getting ready for the new school year I found a poem that my daughter Emily (age 11) wrote at the end of last school year. I’m not sure if I shared it with you at the time or not.

We were using the Arrow Poetry lessons and I also checked a book out of the library called P is for Poetry (A Poetry Alphabet Book) that had descriptions and examples of various kinds of poetry. This was something she did just for fun. I wanted to share it with you.

I’m so thankful to Brave Writer for inspiring better writing from my girls!


Sonnet of the Seasons

by Emily

I step out of my house and start to sing,
The white fur turned to brown atop the hare,
The new life starts to celebrate the Spring,
Now running through the grass my feet are bare.

But Woosh! Woosh! Ping! The nice grass turns to pods,
I step up, “Here I go!” I take a dive,
The water underneath me feels so cool!
And now I feel so glad to be alive!

But suddenly the green leaves turn to gold,
This time of harvest is the turkey’s fate,
For when the leaves fall from the tree’s weak hold,
Yummy turkey meat is on my plate.

And now that lovely autumn isn’t here,
I’m glad to say that winter break is near!

Image by Sundar M (cc)

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