Peter Rabbit Inspired

Peter Rabbit inspired_image by Rebecca

Hi Julie,

I shared this earlier on [Facebook], and was encouraged to send it to you.

I’m planning to start Jot It Down with my K and 2nd kiddos on Monday. My DD5 loves animals and art, but refuses to “do school.” Today I read Peter Rabbit for the first time (!!!) and also a book with info about Beatrix Potter. It was meant to be the first lesson in our LA program, but DD5 refused to narrate. She did, however, decide to draw a picture of Peter. Then she asked me to write out the part of the story she had drawn. Five hours later she had made a whole book of Peter Rabbit, including a map of their home.

Something tells me she won’t mind the first project of Jot It Down!

Thanks for planting seeds that sprout wherever they will… Now to get DS7 to respond as well to a story… I’m thinking Star Wars.


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