Poetry Teatime: On Friday

Poetry Teatime

“Tuesday” Teatime has been a part of our homeschooling for many years. By no means do we do it every week and definitely not on Tuesday but usually on Friday as we find it a pleasant way to end the week.

From the very beginning I knew that it would not happen if I had to come up with the “tea.” So we are found casually strolling, dashing to avoid raindrops, or slipping and sliding on ice around the corner to our neighborhood coffee shop to drink chai, hot chocolate, juice or whatever suits our fancy for the day..

In the beginning I did all of the reading, a couple of poems and the rest from our current read aloud or two. Gradually the kids began to pick up the books. On this pleasant day they shared poems from Winter Poems, Poems to Learn by Heart, and Flamingos on the Roof.


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