Literary Analysis: Romeo & Juliet

At the Cell of Friar Laurence by Arthur RackhamLooking for a great way to end your homeschooling year?

Susanne Barrett (MA in English and former university instructor) will be teaching Literary Analysis: Romeo & Juliet starting Monday, May 19 through Friday, June 13!

In this course (intended for high school students), Susanne will lead the class by reviewing:

  • The pertinent facts about Shakespeare and his times
  • The Elizabethan theater scene
  • The background and sources of Romeo and Juliet

Then the class will read and discuss Romeo and Juliet act by act and scene by scene.


  • The elements of plot
  • Characters
  • Motifs and themes
  • Use of language
  • Symbolism

The class with close with a formal essay on one of several possible topics.

Check it out!

Painting “At the Cell of Friar Laurence” by Arthur Rackham

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