Blog Roundup: April 2014 Edition!

Image by ConsueloRead how other homeschooling families implement the Brave Writer Lifestyle:

How We Use the Brave Writer Program Julie at Creekside Learning shares how her family uses Brave Writer in their homeschool. You can also enter to win one of our Poetry Guides in honor of National Poetry Month (contest ends May 2nd).

Brave Writer’s The Arrow “Last month we added Brave Writer’s The Arrow to our Language Arts studies and I’ve noticed the difference in our homeschool already. We’re having so much fun with “The Brave Writer lifestyle”. Our own language as well as our awareness of language around us – written, spoken and performed – is heightened. Here are some examples of what we’ve done.” ~Jess, You, Me and B

A Week of Bravewriter’s Partnership Writing “It’s Monday, and there’s just time to squeeze in some copy work before heading off to circus class. I choose a sentence from our current read aloud, Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer and write it into Yoshi’s book. He copies it out. Time taken: five minutes…if you don’t count the wriggling…” ~Melissa, Lovely Things

Poetry Tea Time “This year on Fridays we have added Poetry Tea Time to our schedule. This has been a fun way to make sure we are enjoying poetry every week.” ~Living and Learning

Homeschool Freakout Day “Recently, on a mailing list I read, a mom posted about how she was freaking out about homeschooling. It’s the same feelings every homeschooler has, and heck, probably most parents have: that their kids aren’t learning what they should, that they are unhappy, that the kids will be left behind, and so forth.” ~Katie, Home is Possible

We hope to share more roundups in the future! If you write about an aspect of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, let us know! Email your post’s url to Jeannette, our Social Media admin ( Thanks!

Image by Brave Writer mom, Consuelo

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