Bohemian Journaling at the Brave Writer Retreat!

bohemian journal cover carmen taggart

At our upcoming Brave Writer Retreat in June the lovely Carmen Taggart will give you the tools to create your own Bohemian Journal!

Bohemian Journaling is the practice of combining words, color and images on a page to connect you more deeply with your intuition or your soul voice. The beauty in the process, created by Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach Carmen Taggart,  is that you don’t need to be artistically gifted to create a meaningful page in your journal. You simply need to come to the page with an open heart. At the Brave Writer Retreat you will play with watercolors, stories, and prompts in order to connect more deeply with your intuition and soul voice as you create your own Bohemian Journal.

Spirit Girl - CarmenTaggart

So join us at our first ever Nurturing Brave Writers Retreat June 27-29, 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio! Besides Bohemian Journaling:

  • We’ll test and try the techniques Brave Writer teaches in The Writer’s Jungle together, so you know how to do them.
  • You’ll get to experience copywork and dictation in the same way your students experience it, and learn how to maximize it.
  • We’ll practice nature journaling and art study.
  • We’ll share a full tea with china teacups, handmade scones, flowers, and poetry (and I promise you’ll enjoy the poems—they won’t be intimidating).
  • You’ll have down time to use a planning tool to craft a homeschool routine for the coming year.
  • You’ll have time to take walks or go for a hike or run. You can get coffee with a friend or take a nap.
  • My staff and I will be available to talk to you about your specific worries and children, too.
  • And because I know how hard you work, we have a few pampering surprise gifts in store for all who attend.

Commuter spots are still open! Register today!

Carmen Bio_PicMore about Carmen: She is a certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach and ARTbundance Coach whose experience as a recovering perfectionist, sometimes poet and homeschooling mother of three are leading her on an adventure to inspire others to connect to their intuition, and their Spirits as they create their own stories and myths.  Connect with Carmen at her online home or on Facebook: Story Raven Group and Carmen Taggart.

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