Break Into Print student piece!

Here’s an awesome nonfiction piece from a Break Into Print class:

Kamran, My Karate Instructor
Learning From the Greats!

by M.J.R.

Kamran Madani is my karate instructor. He is eighth in the world in karate for his age this year, last year he was third. And out of 100 people competing, that’s a big accomplishment. He is a first generation American (his parents are from Iran), and a big goofball. When Kamran is teaching, it could be anything from doing my katas (a specific sequence of karate moves) twice each, with five push-ups between each set, or sitting in a circle and listening to a story about how he won his first competition because his competitor lost his underwear.

As soon as Kamran makes his entrance, every single boy in the dojo (Karate studio) is drawn to him as if by a magnet. Sometimes Sensei (his mother), for a game, shouts “Everybody chase Kamran!” As soon as we catch him, the boys start punching him so you can hardly see his short black hair through the mob of boys. The room echoes with the sound of his name: “Kamran, me and Kyle want to do a routine with you.” “I want to do the row next to Kamran, when we do the floor!” (after every class we wash the floor), and more. Even though I’m not a boy, he is still very nice to me, and an amazing teacher.

I encourage you to find an I.M.A. (International Martial Arts association) near you, and to give it a try. Maybe you’ll want to do Karate, with Kamran as your role model.

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