Poetry Teatime: Lovely and chaotic

Poetry Teatime

My friend, Sarah, and I have Poetry Tea Time together with all of our boys (plus her one baby girl- not pictured). The kids are all really little (7, 6, 4, 4, 2, 1, 9 months). It can be so crazy sometimes but somehow we manage to get most of them sitting at the table all at once (by the time I took this picture the two year old had already finished his cookie and bolted).

The 7 year old reads a poem or recites The Swing or Time to Rise, my friend or I read or recite a poem, the 6 year old pretty much always recites How Doth, the four year olds and one and two year old gobble up their cookies and chug their vanilla cinnamon tea, and they are off with an explosion of little boy energy. Then my friend and I drink our (now cold) tea and chat. It’s lovely and chaotic.


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