Free Verse Fun

Free Verse Fun

Thanks so much for all the inspiration from Brave Writer! My kids are becoming such great creative writers.

Here is the Free Verse poem that my daughter, Molly, came up with after reading “Inside Out and Back Again.” The poem is not based on any real event for us, she was mutually inspired by a Veteran’s Day program that we attended. The poem partly takes the form of a letter.


Last Letter to the MIA

Written by Molly

My uncle had gone to war 5 years ago and is now MIA

MISSING since the war began,

IN the war since I last saw him,

ACTION since last seen in the battle field.

Here was my last letter to him:

Dear Parker, James,

I was sending this letter to ask you
If there was anything I could do
to help in the Iraq War.

I could make scarves, gloves, socks,
or anything
for my knitting skills to improve,

Even if any of your friends
need anything

I’m sorry
about your friend
Johnny Killings
It was a true loss
that he died so young.

Love, Elsie Parker

Hi, Angie,

This is just exquisite. I love the detail and the use of MIA is genius! That’s true writerly stuff. Well done!

By the way, one of my favorite books from the Arrow was Linda Sue Park’s Keeping Score which features a relationship between a young girl and a soldier in the Korean War. This poem reminded me of it. You may want to look it up. Well worth reading (if you haven’t already).


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