“Cater to your strengths” day

Running WomanWritten November 19, 2013:

Once in a while I get caught in a tangle of trying to shore up my weaknesses. What that usually looks like is me surrounded by resorted stacks of paper, with very little of it winding up in the trash can. I have a hard time knowing what to do with paper so it grows over night like a creeping vine. When I decide to finally “address the stack,” it simply divides itself into new stacks with category names like “bills,” “paint strips,” and “scraps of writing too good to throw away, but too undeveloped to use.”

These then get moved to a different surface, more neatly piled on each other, until they grow and divide again. I’m hopeless with paper (which is why my scanner is salvation, and a shredder must be in my near future).

So today, a day when for some reason I feel a little low (depleted, out of steam, unsure of myself), I’m going to cater to my strengths—do the stuff that lets me know I’m not the piles of paper in my house.

I started the day with a run, because running is the one thing I can always do when I feel blue.

I’ll call one of my kids and have a long talk.

I’ll go teach my students and remember how good it is that they get to learn the stuff I know well and love.

I’ll pick paint colors for my walls.

I will find a way to eat mushroom bisque, my favorite soup.

I’ll read something worth reading, to feed my mind.

I’ll tune into sports radio so I can have an informed opinion about that last call in the MNFL game last night.

I’ll answer emails from customers, and listen to my friends who need me, and get new flowers to replace the dying ones.

What will you do today, on my unofficial “cater to your strengths” day?

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