Poetry Teatime: Warm cider and cookies

Poetry Teatime

We combined tea time and Jot It Down and had a great time. After some warm cider and cookies we read The Princess and the Pea. We then wrote our own poem and made mattresses out of foam in our journal books and used dehydrated peas. They are even writing the whole poem in their fairy tale journals.

[Below] is the poem we came up with. My kids are 8, 6 and 6. There is a picture too. I didn’t correct their punctuation or anything and they came up with the rhymes and order of the content.


The Princess and the Pea: A Poem

There was a prince
Who needed a bride
A true princess on the inside.

One night it was raining,
The prince was complaining.
A knock on the door,
Puddles on the floor.

The queen put a pea
where nobody could see.
The Princess couldn’t sleep
But didn’t make a peep.

She woke up black and blue
And the Prince knew
he had found a true princess.
And he married her.

Poetry Teatime

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