Poetry Teatime: Impromptu!

Poetry Teatime

I love all things Brave Writer and try to implement them wherever we can; however, Tuesday tea times have slipped through the cracks. You see, with co-op, classes, etc., we are just too busy!! (Note: sarcasm). Truth is, I am a control freak and haven’t figured out how relaxing around a table with my kids reading poetry and eating snacks is “school.” Well, thank The Lord above for early November snow. As I made waffles, a Tuesday tradition (there are leftovers for a busy Wednesday morning), the kids went out to run around in the new, big, wet flakes. Embracing that moment made me think… I easily push off school for a run in the snow. So as we sat down for waffles and tea (tea is consumed heavily here), I grabbed some poetry books and our favorite funtime book “Rip the Page.” What a great morning! Tuesday tea time can be impromptu, filling in the fun gaps of a longer than normal breakfast, gazing out the window at the wimpy snowfall.

Thank you for the freedom you give me every day! Your posts are like therapy!!!

Love to you today,

Jude, Stella, Eli and mama Melissa

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