Thanksgiving Sale Starts Now!

Daily Tips Revised


You’ve asked for our emailed Daily Writing Tips to be put into a single document so you don’t lose them. Done! Print them, put them on your iPad or tablet, or read them from a phone or laptop. The Tips are yours, all in one place.

Regularly priced at $4.99, the $1.99 sale starts Black Friday morning (7:00 a.m. EST) and runs through Cyber Monday (Midnight EST).

Thank you for being such an amazing community!

Order yours here!


Also, for Thanksgiving Weekend only:

Jot It Down! and Partnership Writing are  on sale: $25.00 for one; $45.00 for both.

Buy the Thanksgiving Bundle (which includes all three sale items) here:

All three:
Jot It Down!
Partnership Writing
Daily Writing Tips


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