Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

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This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for our Brave Writer community. More than any other year, I’m aware of how much you’ve taken the Brave Writer philosophy into your homes and have made it your own. Your stories via email, blogs, phone calls, and even texts (!) inspire and move me.

Your children are the lucky recipients of conscientious parenting and creative homeschooling. But we both know (you and I) that it is YOU who will cherish these memories in your heart long after you send the last one off to college. Good for you–creating the life you want to live with your family.

Keep going!

As my thank you to you, we are offering TWO writing project products at a special price.

 Jot It Down and Partnership Writing
on SALE for Thanksgiving weekend only!

$25.00 for one
$45.00 for both!

The sale starts Black Friday morning (6:00 a.m. EST) and runs through Cyber Monday (Midnight EST).

Also, a NEW product (for a pittance: $1.99) is about to release. Stay tuned! I’ll announce it tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day.

I wish you all a family-centered holiday.

If that is not possible for whatever life-challenging reason you face, I wish you extra grace, peace, and support from the ones you can count on.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And happy “End-of-November” to our International friends who get to enjoy a fringe benefit of our American tradition: after the turkey, shopping sales.


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