Poetry Teatime: Indulge!

Poetry Teatime

We used Brave Writer all last year (Arrow and Boomerang) but never made the jump to Teatime Tuesdays as there never seemed enough time to get all of our “stuff” done. I fluctuate between “going with the flow” and needing all my boxes checked off to make sure progress is being made. After seeing the English/Literature standardized test scores from my two eldest daughters at the end of last year, I was completely floored. My eldest daughter has always had a natural inclination towards reading and writing, but my second daughter struggled and was a least a grade to a grade and a half behind. Both girls had scored a grade above in this area and even more importantly they absolutely love to read. That being said, I figured we could spare a little more time and include the “indulgent” teatime Tuesday this year.

It is the highlight of our week. The girls all get dressed up, help me set the table with our fancy tea set, and get out the books we are currently reading plus a bunch of poetry books. A new favorite is “Vile Verses” by Roald Dahl. To be honest, I didn’t think the poetry would stick, but I hear the kids speaking verse and rhyming with each other all of the time. My youngest (6) plays a game with my husband during bedtime and they try to outdo each other with a new original poem each night.

At the end of the day, I know the girls will progress and move forward in their studies, but they will not remember any of the “stuff” that they had to get done–they will remember Teatime Tuesdays.

Thank you.


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