Brave Writer spotlight: Sarah

Freeing of St. Peter


From Brave Writer mom, Kerry:


Sarah is 11 [and attends] Bridges Virtual Academy. [Her] curriculum is science based for the most part, because that is where she finds a lot of joy.

I spontaneously created the project [above]; I was tired of seeing her bored with heavy writing projects. I am inspired by the Brave Writer lifestyle and am grateful for the emails and blog posts that Julie shares. They are a gift. I find that the more trust and freedom I give Sarah in writing, the more beautifully she does.

The cards came from this set.

Lots of opportunities for learning, we worked on the following:

Capitalization of proper nouns
Interpretation of a subject
Visual cues from artists

In the end her only question was, “Why did St. Peter need to be freed?” which I found quite witty. She decided on her own to categorize the adjectives into “The angel” and “The background.”

She’s a busy girl and a great student, I am so proud of her.

All the best,

Image The Freeing of St. Peter (cc)

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